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Every construction project, new or renovation, begins with an idea that has to be captured, developed, and fine-tuned – all of this before the first shovel goes in the ground. Taking a project from idea to design, through permitting and construction, requires a firm that can assemble the team to get your project done within the time, budget, and quality constraints. We at JH Batten, Inc. can do that, and this is how:

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services are activities that occur prior to starting construction. Feasibility studies, value-engineering, budgeting, scheduling, preliminary design, and permitting are just a few of the major parts involved in pre-construction services.

These are the necessary first steps that must be performed to ensure a smooth job. It’s during this phase that a client should get a clear picture of what their job will look like, how it will get done, and when it should be completed.

It’s also during this phase that the team is assembled – architects, engineers, subcontractors, along with you (the client) and us. The team, working together, will evaluate concepts and ideas, identify challenges and obstacles, and develop solutions to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

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Design-Build is the project delivery method that provides you with a single point of responsibility. The design-builder is that single point and works together as a team with design professionals to create a project that fits a client’s needs, schedule, and budget. Client needs and budget dictate design. No unaffordable surprises await you at the end of the design work.

Design-build streamlines the processes of planning, designing and construction. It creates better value by reducing costs, delivering projects quicker, and resolving issues before construction begins.

Issues are addressed by the entire team – leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation – not excuses, blame-shifting, or adversarial relationships.

With expertise in steel structures, brick and concrete, carpentry, grading, electrical and  finishing touches, we’ve got you covered.

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Team-Build is very similar to Design-Build with one important exception. In Team-Build, the Client has already selected their design professional and design may be underway.

Savvy clients realize that the best way to control the design is to control the cost and, thus, engage us to work with architects and engineers to budget during the design phase.

Each team member brings their knowledge and strengths to the table to get the best results.

We find that when all ideas are shared and communicated openly, the best ideas tend to rise to the top. The team-build approach brings collaboration and value to any project.

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Invited Bid

There are times where our relationships lead to opportunities to price a project that has a short list of invited bidders. This is not our preferred method of project delivery, but we have shown our ability to compete and win good projects when the opportunity is right.

We’ve developed long-term relationships by being introduced to a client through this approach.

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Construction Management

Any project can be daunting and overwhelming. The average construction project has many moving pieces and parts. Managing designs, engineering, materials, subcontractors, quality, safety, scheduling, and budgets can be more than some have the time or appetite for.

We can help.

In a typical construction management role, we are your representative. We ensure that all of the parts and pieces fit together through effective management techniques performed with integrity and reliability.

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Buildings don’t take care of themselves. Things break, get worn out, or overused. Parking lots and sidewalks crack. Paint chips and fades. Windows leak. Roofs can get damaged. Weather and climate can also impact your building.

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